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Our solutions help businesses across the country save thousands of pounds on their energy bills.

Reduce Energy Bills

Transitioning to solar power can lead to cost savings by mitigating the effects of increasing electricity rates.

Self Sufficiency

Enhance your energy resilience and cut expenses by decreasing your dependency on the power grid.

Cut Your Carbon Foot Print

Generating your own clean, sustainable energy will shrink your carbon footprint and enhance your environmental commitment.

Generate Income

Generating income by selling excess solar energy back to the grid can establish a fresh source of revenue.

Solar photovoltaic systems with battery storage


There are numerous advantages to having solar panels and batteries installed in your home. One of the primary benefits is the ability to generate energy at no cost, which can lead to lower energy bills and reduced dependence on the national energy grid. Additionally, opting for renewable energy sources like solar panels and batteries can help decrease your carbon emissions.

Another compelling reason to invest in solar panels is that if you generate excess energy and send it back to the grid, you can actually get paid for it. By storing surplus energy produced by the panels for later use, you can increase your self-sufficiency in energy consumption, decrease your reliance on the energy grid, and consequently lower your energy bills.

Discover how you can cut down on your expenses, decrease your dependence on the grid, and reduce your environmental footprint by transitioning to solar battery storage today.

Solar photovoltaic systems with battery storage


When you add solar panels to your business's current assets, like rooftops, parking lots, or idle land, and pair them with battery storage, you have the opportunity not only to lower your energy costs but also to potentially generate extra income by selling any surplus energy back to the grid.

Facility Six Ltd offers a diverse array of solutions tailored to businesses aiming to adopt an eco-friendly, sustainable, and budget-friendly approach to meet their energy needs. Through our solutions, you can reduce your environmental impact, support a cleaner planet, and simultaneously achieve substantial cost reductions.

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